Friday, December 3, 2010

My first Post On This Blog

  I have been posting on Facebook and Twitter about things that have been happening to my family as a result of using essential oils. (all good things:)  Those posts are so limiting because of the short length that I have to keep them. I want to be able to tell the 'behind the scenes' view of what is happening with my family.
   Not only are we using essential oils, but we are incorporating them with the use of herbs and whole foods nutrition too. Putting them all together makes for a powerful experience! How empowering it is to keep a kid home from school because a cough is starting, and send them back to school the next day with NOT ONE symptom of having been getting sick!  This has happened a handful of times this fall so I know it is not coincidence. When it happens more than a couple of times, you can be assured that it will happen again!
   My husband has not been missing work because of sickness, I am not getting pneumonia every year like I had for 3 years, and I am not afraid to visit family that might pass something on to us. When we are boosting our immune systems with oils like Defense blend and Kids Wellness, eating whole foods, and taking our herbal vitamins, our health is astounding! I hope I can blog about what we are doing to stay well and inspire others to action for their health.
   I do have to give credit to my Heavenly Father for leading me on this path of wellness. I feel very led in the things that I have been able to learn. Seminars I have been able to go to, herbal courses that have been made possible, people I have met, and the assurance that I am on the right track have come from Him. Now I hope I can be led by Him to help others that stand in need of this kind of knowledge. :)
  I think the first place someone should go if they want to improve their health naturally would be  This is a site that answers questions, provides facts and insight, and you can try the 3 most used oils for free(lavender, peppermint, and lemon)! A ton of information comes with them and you can see for yourself how transformational the oils can be. When you go to the link it asks for your email address so you can get a free 16 page wealth of information. The only person who then has your email address is me. I use that information to send occasional emails and information - your email is safe with me!
   So here we go on this blogging journey. May it be inspiring to someone.

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