Sunday, January 2, 2011

Horrible Hearburn to Heavenly Hope :)

My husband has enough faith in essential oils to come to me when he is starting to feel sick.  The other day was very stressful and he had a bad case of heartburn. As soon as he told me, I put 2 drops of Ease essential oil in a glass of water and had him drink it.  A few minutes later he told me that his heartburn was going away, and within 10 minutes he said it was GONE! (and it didn't come back!)
  The next day I heard him telling his friend about how cool that was. :)
  An even faster way of taking care of heartburn is to put 3-5 drops of Ease essential oil under the tongue. I have heard that it works instantly.
  Ease essential oil is only $25.95 wholesale at It has 200 drops in it, so it's going to last for a long time and it also helps with belly aches and digestion issues. I think that's a pretty good deal!
Here's to no more heartburn in 2011!
Happy Healthy,

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